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Business Cards – Cheaper doesn’t always mean better

There are many many different types of business cards available; differing thicknesses, different laminations, no laminations, paper, wood… the list goes on. What you do need to consider though is are you really getting good value for your money? A lot of smaller businesses struggle with their cashflow and so understandably can’t afford to spend a lot on marketing themselves and so end up buying as cheap as possible, but is that the best option?

You can buy cards pretty cheap from various places online but if these start falling apart or looking tacky then that is just going to give that very same impression of your business, that your company is cheap and tacky. You don’t have to spend fortunes to get a decent quality card that will truly set your company along the right path. This point was illustrated brilliantly when I was speaking with a client the other day, he has a leather folder with plastic wallets inside to keep every business card he obtains from people – a great idea by the way, but what he showed me did horrify me. There was a selection of varying cards in there, some were really nice, a large amount we have done for people in fact, but there was also a selection that looked pretty raggedy, and since they have been safely tucked away in a plastic sleeve I could only imagine that this is how they looked when he was handed them… what really struck me though was one slot that at first glance looked like the card was blurry and hard to read, upon closer inspection I realised there was in fact no card in that particular pouch. He explained that there had been on in there, but when he went to take it out it had stuck to the plastic and once he physically separated it was left with all of the markings on the pouch – a bit like what happened to a computer screen if left without any movement for too long back in the 90’s.

Basically, it had been a cheap card with no form of lamination and had simply transferred the print over, rendering that pouch and the card unusable…

What does that mean though? Well, reading any contact details was almost impossible – so that’s any chance of work gone straight away, the person whose holder it was was less than impressed by the whole thing and probably wouldn’t have contacted them even if he could make out their details. So yes it may have been fractionally cheaper to get these particular cards but realistically, they might as well have just thrown the money in the bin as that’s where the card ended up anyway.

We offer high quality 400gsm matt laminated business cards as standard, and from only £22 for 125 business cards it’s not exactly expensive, especially once you start adding on the VAT, postage and packaging, and all of the other hidden costs that you find with websites online. Our prices are clear and simple, what you see is what you pay, no additions. Check out the full list of prices here, and get in touch via our contact form if you have any further queries.

And in case you were curious, here is a photo of said sleeve.

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