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Cafe Ei8ht

We often get bits and pieces of work to do for our clients, a set of business cards here, flyers there. What is less common is doing a bulk of items for a new business – once a company is established they will rarely get a lot of items at the same time as things get used at different rates.

We love it when we get these jobs though as it’s the perfect way to really show and establish a good brand awareness for the client. We have just started sorting out a job exactly like this; Cafe Ei8ht in Gateshead has been newly refurbished and were looking to really push themselves to the surrounding areas and so we have worked together to create a large outdoor banner promoting they are open under management and with a new revamped menu, sets of loyalty cards, comment cards, and a set of flyers promoting the new menu.

Whether it’s 125 business cards you want, or a full branding package Websites and Print are there to guide you along the way, please feel free to contact us for any further information.

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