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In April Google announced their “Mobile Friendly” algorithm update, which sent countless websites plummeting down the ranking in the search results and millions of business owners into a frenzy. Many businesses now rely on their website to generate a steady stream of enquiries and some are even entirely dependant on the revenue stream their website brings in, so it’s really not surprising that we have seen a number of panicked business owners come through our doors in the last fortnight. 80% of internet users own smartphones and tablets and in fact, for the majority of our clients over 65% of all people looking at their website are using mobile devices.

While smartphones have allowed many of us to continue working on the move, taking calls, answering emails and even scheduling meetings they have also made us far less patient. Gone are the days where you would navigate around a website, pinching the touch screen and trying to use the very tip of your finger to make sure you clicked the right button or link. On average a person using a mobile phone to access a website that is not ‘mobile friendly’ lasts only 4 seconds before they give up and go back the search results to find a better alternative.

The latest google update dubbed “Mobilegeddon”, focused on two key areas, which are vital to the experience a mobile user has when browsing a website. The first focuses on how responsive the website is when viewed on devices with different sized screens. The second key area is the speed of the site. Mobile phones are improving all the time but for many of us the fastest possible mobile internet connection is still only 3G, so it is crucial for your website to load up quickly and correctly. Google have already confirmed that a mobile friendly website will increasingly become more important to users and therefore they will be continuing to increase it’s weighting in the search algorithm.

Bing has also announced plans to roll out mobile friendly updates to their algorithm in the coming months and I’m sure the rest of the search engines will follow suit very soon. Anyone wanting to find out just how mobile friendly their website really is can click here to see how you can make sure your website is ready for Mobilegeddon.

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