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Did you survive the weather chaos?

So, last week was a bit windy wasn’t it?

Britain got hit by severe winds dragging cold air over from Northern Canada resulting in extremely strong winds, a lot of snow, and tidal surges up and down the East coast. Welcome to 2017 eh!

Whilst we hope that the weather didn’t do any damage to your business there was a fair bit of damage caused and we are here to help. At Websites and Print we offer everything you need to get your business noticed, including shop signage. Whether it’s a simple aluminium with a digital print on or a more elaborate tray with lights and everything we can help. Contact us today to arrange a quote and we’ll come and measure up the job and get you fixed up and ready to go in a jiffy.

Signage done for MWS Plumbing

Signage done for InFusion

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