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websites and print business cards

Bored of ‘normal’ business cards?

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As a business owner it’s quite likely that you have your own business cards and have seen a fair few in your time, can you remember all of them? Very unlikely. You will remember some though, the ones that are that little bit different perhaps? Generally speaking, business...
Waves crashing in South Shields

Did you survive the weather chaos?

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So, last week was a bit windy wasn’t it? Britain got hit by severe winds dragging cold air over from Northern Canada resulting in extremely strong winds, a lot of snow, and tidal surges up and down the East coast. Welcome to 2017 eh! Whilst we hope that the weather...

Design file types – explained!

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Do different file types and file extensions make you nervous? When you see .jpeg, .giff, .png, .tiff and such forth, do you get palpitations because you don’t gave a clue which one to use? If the aforementioned file types make you panic, have no fear, websitesandprint are here....

Business Package – Cafe Eight

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We launched our new Business Packages at the beginning of this month and have just completed our first one. We already had a relationship with Cafe Eight so they didn’t require everything the package offers; logo design etc. but we were able to offer them alternatives to...

JLS Automotive

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We recently completed a job for a new fledgling company called JLS Automotive. As with most new businesses they had the required skillets for the business and a vague idea of how they wanted to be branded – which is a rarity it has to be said. We too this information and...

Westoe Road print shop gets off to a flyer

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Stop what you’re doing and take a look at one of your business cards for me. Now ask yourself ‘does this sell my business the way I would like?’ At Websites and Print our job is to help grow your business and so we have honed our skills on branding to make your company sell...

Free Demonstration Day

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We are holding a day of demonstrations to show you “How to make Google work for your business”. All 4 members of the team will be in our South Shields shop on Thursday July 2nd to host a day of demonstrations, and also to answer any questions you may have on websites,...

Cafe Ei8ht

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We often get bits and pieces of work to do for our clients, a set of business cards here, flyers there. What is less common is doing a bulk of items for a new business – once a company is established they will rarely get a lot of items at the same time as things get used at...

Business Cards – Cheaper doesn’t always mean better

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There are many many different types of business cards available; differing thicknesses, different laminations, no laminations, paper, wood… the list goes on. What you do need to consider though is are you really getting good value for your money? A lot of smaller businesses...

External Signage

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Your shop front is literally what will make potential customers decide whether they want to walk through your door or not, and so it is imperative that it looks the part. We offer everything from the main signage to window graphics, all with professional design included. We will...